A welcome breeze blows inland from the coast, carrying with it the tang of the sea. You see yourself at a harbour, and the port is abustle, the high prowed narrow wooden ships restive at anchor, their rectangular sails loose and drooping from their masts. On the shore, pale grey-eyed men in loin cloths and horned headdresses rub shoulders with shaven headed, dark-golden skinned men in sheer white linen robes. A few bare-chested men in long trews, their bleached hair pale and stiff, bear extensive tatooed interlacings.
Overseeing all are the masters of the port, intense eyed and proud, even in the afternoon heat, wrapped in richly textured and patterned garments of red, blue, green, yellow, and purple, their feet in delicate leather shoes, their thick wavy hair secured by bright ribbons. Some have small tattoos on their shoulders, each a souvenir of a pilgrimage to a holy site.

At first you are over-powered by the Otherness of the place, the smells from small herds of cattle and oxen, sheep and goats. Then above it rise the richly seductive odors of cinnamon and cedar, frankincense and myrrh, sandalwood and rose. In the distance, you hear a bell strike limpid notes, and turn in that direction. The temple! This is where you want to go, the Temple of the Everlasting Mysteries of the Norse Tradition, to dedicate your Magickal Journeys with the Elder Futhark.

The direction you take is the East, where the city rises, compact within its enclosing wooden wall, wood buildings glistening in the sun, most two or three stories high. Farther to the east are the rolling foothills of the distant mountain ranges, running north and south, parallelling the coast, so recently iced from the winter cold, now turning green with the first touches of Spring. You walk with confidence because you see the Temple right in front of you, the highest and most imposing building in town. By now you have already explored the temple´s courtyard and garden, but it is the first time that you will willingly cross the threshold to the Inner Realms to dedicate your Quest to the Guardians of the Northern Mysteries,
as well as to ask for guidance and protection in your Inner Journeyings with the Elder Futhark. Anticipation and joy fill your heart as you cross the Portal and see yourself in a huge room, circular in shape, with many shrines to the Gods and Goddesses and Spirits of the Land. The centrepoint of the circular room is an altar, where you see the Everlasting Flame of the Mysteries.

You approach the altar and allow your gaze to caress the Flame, which seems to glow brighter with the touch of your Spirit. Then you contemplate one more time the reasons that took you to the temple this specific day and time. Examine your motives and why you want to experience the Magick of the Runes. There are many possible ways to answer this question. Listen to your heart, mind, body and soul and give your Answer to the Spirit. One of the standard ways of replying to this Question is "I want to know so that I may serve". But
whatever way and words you used will be received and acknowledged if the intention is bright and true.
When you are ready, say from the heart why you came to the temple and why you want to learn the Runes. Offer the Journey and ask for protection, wisdom, insight, love and understanding, as well as courage and discipline to go on, wherever the path may take you along for fruition and balance in all levels and spheres.

If you have found your name and motto, name yourself to the Gods too.
Then, graciously thank the Spirits and Deities of the place and promise to return.
You have just dedicated your Journeys with the Elder Futhark to the Guardians of the Norse Lore and Tradition.

May your Journeys be Safe
May the Magick of the Runes be yours,
As they grow within and without you
In Understanding, Love, Wisdom, Honour and Laughter,
To share in all spheres!



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