The Will to live, to choose and to act in all worlds for healing and wholeness at all times

The Light to guide one's acts in all worlds

In deeds in all worlds, acknowledging the inner nobility we all possess

To be True to the Gods, one's ideals and deepest hopes

The enthusiasm to attempt to excel by self-control and dedication

To share in all spheres with those whose heart, mind and soul are True

To strive for effectiveness, wholeness and holyness

Trust in one´s strength and integrity to achieve one's goals

To embrace the Path until its completion, accepting graciously the outcome all workings in all levels, be it failure or success



1. Find a magickal name for yourself. You did not have the chance to choose your name when you were born: your parents did it for you. So now you have the chance to Name yourself for the Magickal Journeys with the Elder Futhark. Suggestions on how to proceed: allow for the name to "come" to you. To do so, think of the qualities that define yourself and based on them, create your magickal name. As an example, in the movie "Dances with Wolves", you will see that Kevin Costner "acquired" that specific name because of his friendship with the wolf. He also did dance with his furry friend.

2. When you have "acquired" your magickal name, think of the Nine Virtues that are the easiest for you, the ones that you find that call upon your soul more deeply. You could perhaps build a motto or meaningful phrase with them as a code of honour and conduct for your magickal Journeying.

3. Think of the Virtues that are the hardest for you to develop, and make a wish so that these difficult qualities can come your ways as the Journey with the Elder Futhark unfolds.

You have just created a name and a motto, the first steps towards building your Magickal Personality. The Magickal Personality is the Real Robe of the Magician, the initiate's unique inner and outer view of the Mysteries or Inner Treasures of the Soul and Beyond s/he tries to reveal in her/his acts in daily life as s/he trails all worlds and spheres. This is a long process involving deep knowledge of one's potentialities, and the Runes is a threshold for knowing oneself better, if studied with zeal, dedication and devotion in the True Light of the Norse Tradition.



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