Galdr-sound: dhaaaaa-dhaaaaa
Letter: DDDD (as in Day)


"Day is the lord´s messenger / dear to men / the ruler´s famous light: / mirtçh and hope to the rich and poor / useful for all"
(Anglo-saxon Rune Poem)


The Teutonic day should not be confused with the current Western idea of the day as imply the period of light. The Norse counted the twenty-four-hour as simply the period by nights and measured it by the solarhringar, which was divided into two "days" - sunrise to sunset and sunset to sunrise. Hence the idea of day holds the idea of transition.
Dagaz is the completion of the processes of gebo and elhaz. The synergy gained by the active exchange of energies shown in gebo - the alchemical marriagee - reaches its transcendent substance in dagaz. This rune may fairly be compared to the spiritual philosopher´s stone. In sexual alchemy, dagaz is the moment of the orgasm in which the goal of the working is made real. As the completion of elhaz - the moment of unity with the valkyrja and the higher realms - dagaz is written out in the Sigrdrifumal, in which Sigurdhr must pass through the barrier which is described as fire and a wall of shields (elhaz) to awaken his valkyrja Sigrdrifa, whereupon she chants "Hail to day!"

Dagaz is the rune of the achievement of transcendent consciousness, in which the participant become sone with the universe in a flash of blinding awareness. It is the moment of awakening, the eternal moment of being reached through Hegel´s process of thesis-antithesis-synthesis. Dagaz is chiefly useful as a rune of meditation. It transforms consciousness and beings in all levels.

Magically, Dagaz can be used to bring something to completion, particularly in the settings described above. It is useful in all workings lf an alchemical type, whether they be practical or solely concerned with consciousness.
Ritually, dagaz represents the moment of power at sunrise and sunset. Used with other runes, dagaz synthesizes their might into a single transcendent awareness. It is generally most desirable when you are adealing with runes of inspiration and wisdom.

Dagaz is the rune of triumph and new beginnings on a higher level. It can be written to bring these about.
The stone associated with dagaz is fluorite, which is said to balance the mights of light and darkness within the mind. You will notice that, when viewed from above any point, octahedral cyrstals of fluorite show two interlocking dagaz shapes.



You sit on top of a mountain. It is night, faint stars bright in the black sky above you. This was the night of your vigil, the test of strength you had imposed upon yourself for the rune Dagaz. The evening air is chill, and you feel excited and apprehensive at the same time. Excited because the test of strength, focused will and determination had started; apprehensive because you wanted to succeed, but it was still much too early to tell. In planning for the vigil back before, you had determined that this spot, one of your favourites in Nature, would be the ideal for the experience.
So you sit quietly, resting your had on your knees as you listen to the sound of your breath, of the breath of the night around you. All urgency you want to leave behind. You concentrate first on your breath and you allow your heart to find its accustomed pace. You can hear every nuance of the wind in the pinnacles and towers around you, and when your breath has achieved a deep and profound rythym, you close your eyes and conquer the stillness which is not idle, because it houses the secrets of the soul. Your vigil has begun.

Hours are long. In the darkness you wait. Cold and stillness become part of you, or you try to keep as calm as the rocks you have just climbed up, silent and serene, balancing your inner worlds.
Then you start with deep purpose to analyse and assess the path that took you to this very vigil. You recall the amazement and delight to have found the Mysteries and your desire to follow the Path wherever it took you, no matter what the result could be. With determination, you recall the not-so-graceful pitfalls, the things you could have done better, the hurts you inflicted upon yourself and others up to this very night. Certain things you know you would have liked to have done better, differently or not to have done at all. Some hot tears roll down your cheeks when you contemplate the depth of these truths and you wipe them out with an impatient hand. However, somehow, in the highs and lows likewise, you kew it was too late for you to change your mind. The Mysteries were yours to share in all spheres. Far from perfect as you know you are, an initiate you are, and are honour-bound to serve and to honour the sacred in whatever form it comes into.

You move on to recall the highs of your Magickal Journeying. Some moments are of the deepest joy and tears show the depth of feeling, the immensity of beauty you still cannot put into words, and know you never will. Certain extra special events are to be lived to the fullest and words can only be a pale expression of their intensity. You feel moved and grateful you were given the opportunity to experience such moments of wholeness and holiness. Their brightness, you know, will continue within your soul and a beacon of light to illuminate even your darkest hours.
Every once in a while, you move just a little bit not to allow your body to go numb or succumb to slumber. You try to keep the same position as much as you can though, as a matter of concentrated effort and focused attention. Thirst, hunger, physical discomfort make their presences felt, but as much as you can, you try to leave the needs of your earthly body under the tight control of your soul. You will not fail your vigil.

After the first two or three hours, you feel yourself grow stronger in your resolve. By discipline and will, you recall the sacred chants and start a series of personal prayers to your Soul Companions. Then, all of a sudden, the shadows of the night start being conquered by the faint colours of the coming dawn. How many hours have you been seated? Since twilight, six or seven hours. Alone? Not quite, because the Spirit has gone into vigil with you. You stirr a bit and smile. For as the skies become clearer, you know now that you could endure another vigil double the time in the hope to succeed. Yeah, the test is hard, but deep down you realize that you are good at normal magicks, that perhaps your gift is mostly made of dedication and hard work, but all this, all who you are, you offer to the Spirit in the sincerest hope to not to be denied. Ever.

As the sun starts finally to rise, you raise a prayer to the Guardians of the Norse Tradition and offer the Journey so far to Them, for Their Glory and the Brightness of Their Legacy to us, here and now. When the sun has finally risen and the smells and sounds of the morning well established in all spheres, you stretch your arms and legs as if to reach out for the stars and depths below. With the deliberate pace of extreme fatigue, you start your return.
To conquer the Night of the Soul you Lived through the Day Before first, and now welcome the brightness of the new beginning, tiredness forgotten for the moment as the power of Dagaz is firmly planted within your soul.

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