Galdr-sound: aaaaay (prolonged sound as in day)
Letter: E


"Horse is, in front of the earls / the joy of athlings, / a charger proud on its hooves: / when concerning it, heroes - / wealthy men- on warhorses / exchange speech / and it is always a comfort / to the restless"
(Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem)


The horse is the most magical and honored animal in the Teutonic tradition, melding the power of godly wisdom with the earthly might of fertility and the power of bearing the soul from world to world. It is closely related with the cult of the Twin Gods or Alcis among the Germanic tribes, a pair of deities whom Tacitus described as close analogies to Castor and Pollux; in fact, the stave-shape of the rune is very like the crossbeam which was the sign of the worship of the Twins among the Spartans. It may also represent a pair of horsemen riding joined together, which was part of the worship of Alcis among the Germanii. This is probably related to the Germanic dual kingship: a number of Germanic royal houses traced their ancestry back to a piar of royal brothers or twins, and the practiceremained in use through the Saxon invasion of Britain, which wa sled by two brother-kings named Hengest (stallion) and Horsa (horse). An echo from this root can be seen further north in the prelude to the Eddic lay Grimnismal, in which Geirroedh dispossessed his brothe rand co-heir early.

The Alcis are also etymologically tied to the rune elhaz through its alternate name algiz or protection. In this you may see the working of ehwaz as rune of receiving prophetic wisdom. As a sacred animal, the horse, like the valkyrja, was capable of communicating between the gods ad humans, and in fact was so used in the divination of one Germanic tribe.

Ehwaz is the rune of the fetch or fylgja: that part of the being which appears as a beast, showing the inner nature of the person it serves and which may be ridden between the world. Like the valkyrja, the fetch can receive and transmit wisdom which is not otherwise available to the vitki´s mind. The most common forms of the fetch seem to be bear, stag and wolf; but mice and toads, whales, dragons and even thursar and troll-women have been written off. The fetch is in s sense the animal totem of the vitki, although it is actually more of a guardian spirit. It can be sent forth separately or ridden.
The horse is particularly sacred both to Odin and to Freyir, the Lord of Wisdom and the Lord of the World respectively. Hence, the rune ehwaz is fitting for uniting mystical inspiration with earhy being. In this rune, you may read the mysteries of the alliance between the Hidden One and the Lord. Ehwaz is uded in all matters concerning the harmonious union of dualities, either in the manner of equals, as in the dual kingship or in the manner of guiding intelligence and manifesting might, as with the human/horse and god/human dualities. As the border of equals, it may be used in all matters of friendship and marriage. It is useful in forming ties between two people on all levels, including private telepathic and empathic linkages. It may be useful as an aid to sympathetic magic.

Ehwaz is a good rune of fertility, especially in those forms of fertility magick where conception is desired for a magical purpose or to bind certain being or power to the fetus or new born. Ehwaz brings power under the guidance of wisdom.

In workings of woe, ehwaz may be used to enslave another person´s might our thoughts to your own will.
Ehwaz may be used in religious divinations for the purpose of understanding the will of the gods. Comparison with the relationship between god and human in santeria may be valuable - the person possessed is called the horse, the possessing spirit the rider. It is also said that a "a great god cannot ride a little horse", words of caution which you might be wise to heed in opening your mind.

In ritual use, ehwaz is used in relationship to the fetch and, together with thought-forms and other conscious or sentient extensions of your own power. Ehwaz is effective in building up a rapport with any vehicle of motion, whether living or non-living, magickal or mechanica.

Used with other runes, ehwaz unites the strems of power in a manner opposite to that of thurisaz. Where thurisaz creates reactive force for the purpose of breaking ehwahz creates active force by melding for the purpose of integration. You must not forget, however, that ehwaz is essentially mobile energy.
The stones associated with ehwaz are turquoise, which builds rapport between horse and rider, and sardonyx, which is said to ensure a faithful marriage.



Note: This is an abridged version of my first meeting with my Totem Animal. Since then, I acquired a Mare called Mage and a busy bee called Melissa, and a Magickal Companion or my private Lamassu. May They all be blessed for the great gifts They have brought into my life in all levels and spheres!

Journeying the following day took me to the surroundings of a forest. I smiled with anticipation. Forests... dense and mysterious, probably full of wild beasts and untravelled paths promissing lots of adventure! Forests which are also called virgin not because they are barren, because they are not, but because they are untame and in no one´s control... the realm of the Divine Huntresses!

Not knowing how long or how far my venture into the wild would last, I had a bite and prepared a couple of spare sandwiches just in case I felt hungry later on. Checked water supplies and then entered the forest. I had to be very careful to open my way without much disturbances to the environment and to avoid thorns and low branches along the way. Not to get lost, I tied a thread on the first huge tree right in front of me and chose the South direction for my explorations. To my delight, after having walked for some time, I reached a clearing. A feast to the eyes for sure, for green grass covered the ground like a carpet and trees all over forming a perfect circle. In the middle of the clearing a Tree towered the others, a single one, bearing fruits and full of majesty.
If one day I had dreamt of a haven or safe place in the forest, this was certainly going to be the one. Thus I raced to the centre of the Green Circle, where the Green Tree was. Asking silently for the Tree´s permission, I reached out for a fruit, which was naturally fresh and delicious, a cross between cherry and strawberry. Then I sat down on the ground by the tree to take a bit of a rest.

I must have dozed off because a soft noise woke me up. I sat down and was struck with wonder and awe, because at the entrance of the forest stood a golden lioness. Time stopped and I held by breath, eyes locked in Hers. She was beautiful, untame and wild. I was afraid and excited at the same time. What would she do with me, or better still, what should be my next move? Whatever I decided had to be fast, because I had already been fully spotted by the majestic beast. I tried to breathe evenly and not to be overcome by fear. There was no intention to hurt the Lioness. I just did not want to get hurt myself along the process! Heart beating wildly, fighting for control, I gazed steadily to the Lioness and wished from the bottom of my heart, mind, body and soul that She accepted me as Her Companion and Animal Spirit.

For the acquisition of a helpful animal spirit is a feature of initiatory rites in many cultures from time immemorial. The standard pattern is that the candidate must go into the wild, build a sweat lodge and fast until a dream comes and the animal speaks to the candidate. Both animal and wo/man will then be as one and share a bond of friendship to last sometiems for a lifetime and beyond. I kept staring at the Lioness, wishing fiercely that She chose Me as Her Human Companion and Familiar. Because I must be Her choice according to the Ancient Teachings. All hope and desire plain in my eyes, my heart reaching out for Hers in Essence.

"Human woman", I heard the strong voice in my mind, "I choose and bond to you!"
Flooded with joy and a tiny bit of apprehension I advanced towards Her as She did likewise towards me. Then all of a sudden we are actually moving in circle, closer and closer, as if we were dancing in a circle! In actual fact, I am dancing with my Lioness, until the moment that She reaches out for me and we roll on the grass, breathless and exulting with the experience of having found each other.

But there is more. There is the blending of souls, the wild forces of nature, the sense of pride and fierce strength of the Lioness change me forever.

"Are you really mine?", I asked after some time. "Quite possessive, aren't you?", roared the lioness gently. "Actually, it is the other way round, my Chosen Human. It is you who are mine!"
"Sure, you are right", I rushed to agree with Her. "It is the Sacred Totem who chooses. But I am very glad you chose me. For a while I thought you were going to devour me instead!"
"Bloodthirsty, hmmm?" The Lionesó teased and suddenly I relaxed. "What am I supposed to do with you, may I ask? You are my first Sacred Companion in Animal form. I don't know exactly what to do with you."

"You are doing just fine. You are already talking to me, you see. We are meant to be friends, so we should find out about each other, and grow in friendship. I will be also standing by if you need me. I am Strength in you. And you should not worry sho much about what you are doing. Let it flow and things will just come along and develop between you and me."
"So what is your name or how should I call you?"
"You know my name already, deep inside you. Look at me for a few seconds and say the very first thing you notice about my looks", The Lioness said cryptically. "Golden Furr?" I tried, looking at Her remarkably smooth and shiny furr.
"Yes", She roared approvingly. "I knew you would get my name anyway. I am Furrl. Now may I ask you something? A friend's request?"
"Let´s have some rest, for later we'll do some exploring together. I've come a long way for you. I´m a bit tired."
"I'll be honoured to watch over your rest", I replied. "It is quite safe here, and I may rest by your side too."

We laid down side by side under the shade of the Great Tree. Soon Furrl was asleep and I finally realized that we are very alike, that I also have a dual nature. There is the one in me that plans and phopes and worries and dreams, this is the woman. And there is the One who is moved by instincts and simpler things, rages, and pleasures and who enjoys the basics, such as laying in the sun, getting shleter when it is cold and rainy, feels hungry and thus is the Animal in me. I stretched my hand to touch the Lioness and I realized how dangerous she could be underneath that soft and smooth furr of hers. With a move, she could make of me her slave, begging for life, but by laying quietly by my side, she made me feel strong, happy and fearless. Yes, Furll, the Lioness and mySelf are indeed as One.

I must have fallen asleep too, because when I opened my eyes, Furrl was already up, alert and proud: "Let's go explore now. Time for you to know about this world of mine", Furrl beckoned me with her furry pawn pointing out the direction of the woods.
Together, we went exploring the forest, which was strangely alive in the night. I did not feel afraid with Furrl by my side. On the contrary, I was filled with an Elemental Strength of Being hard to describe. And as we advanced through the night and the woods, I felt a great reverence and connection with all beings of the Wild who had been Magickal Companions to Shamans and Women of Power since time immemorial. There was a deep bond between the Woman and the Lioness, but Furrl also belonged to the Wild and I... had a journey to finish. I took a deep breath as I say Furrl cast a full circle that glowed with blue light of protection around me, encompassing us. I heard Furrl's voice then echoing in my mind: "We are bound in Friendship to be together or apart and linked by the threads of loyalty and mutual respect for as long as the feeling and the bond lasts. I bind myself to you in Freedom, so whenever you need your Inner Lioness, call upon my Name and I´ll come from wherever I am to answer your Call."
Furrl disappeared in a beam of light. Her Gift of Friendship and Magickal Partnership was deeply imprinted in my soul, as the experience of Ehwaz, the rune of the Fetch, partnerships and strength to be accomplished by the vitki I am making myself be in all levels and spheres.


I enjoy expressing my energy, vitality and enthusiasm in all I experience
I am an individual of character and strength
I have infinite creative resources from which to draw energy and express



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