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Welcome please be to a tribute to The Runes, the Magickal System of Northern European peoples, and Norse Myth and Religion.

Join us in a journey upon the paths of the soul to experience some of the Mysteries of Lands of Ice and Fire of Ancient Scandinavia and beyond. May the Ancient Wisdom be the Light to guide our journey throughout the site and may the old and modern texts come to life to become once again a living force to grow and transform!


Introductory notes by Lishtar:
My interest for the Runes came out of the very blue, as most magickal things tend to happen in one's life. Perhaps it was the calling of the ancestral blood singing the soul back home, for there is some Germanic ancestors in my family line. One fact, nevertheless, was made clear to me way back in 1993, after a conference I attended with the RuneMaster Erdred Thorson at Charlton House, London, United Kingdom: I promised myself Iwould find a teacher to instruct me on the foundations of this magickal system, which I was going to use as a tool along the path of Self-Knowledge and Perennial Wisdom. Living in London, United Kingdom, it was not very difficult to find a high profile Companion. Thus, I approached RuneMistress Freya Aswynn, and with her I started to learn the basics of Norse Religion and Myth. . It may be important to add up that at the time, I had already been ordained a priestess of Inanna/Ishtar, and was lovingly dedicated to the retrieval of the Mesopotamian Tradition. Freya Aswynn saw no inconvenient in teaching me the basics of the Runes, because we are both members of the Fellowship of Isis, a high profile pagan organizations which is open to many faiths.

The following year, I was lucky to have met Kveldulf Gundarsson while we were both PhD students in the United Kingdom, and his works were also paramount for me to develop my appreciation for the Norse tradition. By then, I had a considerable number of books on the Runes and the Norse Tradition, together with my Mesopotamian books.

To make a long story short, although I am not formally ordained into the Norse Tradition, I have a deep respect and soul connection with the Runes. The idea to release a website on the Runes came up in Feburary 2000. By then, I was already back to Brazil, my home country. However the resolve to do RuneMagick for was stronger than ever... and so I came back to my old work and books. The website was released in the web, but I did not register it in any search engine.

Why so? Rune-Magick is the Work of someone who adores the Runes and has studied the Elder Futhark in depth with all her body, heart, mind and soul. But I am no expert in the Norse Tradition. Some of my most important and transformative magickal experiences within a magickal system were acquired while doing the Runes. These are the experiences which are retold in this website in the pathworkings that follow the explanations for each of the 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark.

Thus, being very sincere about my expertise and depth on the Runes themselves, I have been quite reluctant about releasing Rune-Magick to a wider audience. However, the impeccable design made especially for Rune-Magick by the WebMaster made me change my mind. As the WebMaster and Designer put so masterfully, RuneMagick is very much a finished product. There are many more complete resources on the Runes in the Internet, and he promises to keep us up-to-date with them!

How that you all know Lishtar did not do the Ultimate Work on the Runes, she can say that she still likes very much the content of the website, and even finds that a beginner would not fare that bad if she or he followed the Journeys with the Elder Futhark to the letter... Thus, she agrees with Webmaster...

Maybe it is time for Rune-Magick to come out...
Enjoy your Journeys and ... stay tuned!




Remark: This is a redesign of a page from 2000 CE. We have only just begun... :-)

Disclaimer: For us, the runes do not have any political dimensions. The knowledge about the runes, as well as the use of the runes for personal development (or just for the fun of it, if you want) goes beyond any borders of skin, religion or nationality. We regret a lot that it has come to a point where making this clear statement seems a necessity. Anyway, we're interested in providing with the knowledge for a magickal journey in freedom and pleasure. Personally we believe in the versatility and colorfulness of the world.

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